AFLogical Open Source Edition


AFLogical Open Source Edition was released in December 2011 and is now hosted on GitHub (can be cloned with git ). The app provides a basic framework for extracting data from Android devices using Content Providers and then saves the data to the SD Card of the device including:

  • Contacts

  • Call Logs

  • SMS

  • MMS

  • MMS Parts

  • Device info


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo aflogical
connect your device and run here 'adb devices'
after successful connecting your device run here 'adb install AFLogical-OSE_1.5.2.apk'

Run ‘ADB DEVICES’ after connecting device :

root@cyborg:/pentest/forensics/af logical# adb devices
List of devices attached 
0123456789ABCDEF	device

If Device connected , Run :

root@cyborg:/pentest/forensics/af logical# adb install AFLogical-OSE_1.5.2.apk
545 KB/s (28794 bytes in 0.051s)
	pkg: /data/local/tmp/AFLogical-OSE_1.5.2.apk

This will install APK to connected Device :

AFLogical Open Source Edition AFLogical Open Source Edition

Open App :

aflogical extracted AFLogical Open Source Edition

Click on Capture :

aflogical extract AFLogical Open Source Edition

Pull and examine the extracted data:

root@cyborg:/pentest/forensics/af logical# adb pull /mnt/sdcard/forensics
pull: building file list...
pull: /mnt/sdcard/forensics/20151118.1437/Contacts Phones.csv -> ./20151118.1437/Contacts Phones.csv
pull: /mnt/sdcard/forensics/20151118.1437/CallLog Calls.csv -> ./20151118.1437/CallLog Calls.csv
pull: /mnt/sdcard/forensics/20151118.1437/SMS.csv -> ./20151118.1437/SMS.csv
pull: /mnt/sdcard/forensics/20151118.1437/MMSParts.csv -> ./20151118.1437/MMSParts.csv
pull: /mnt/sdcard/forensics/20151118.1437/MMS.csv -> ./20151118.1437/MMS.csv
pull: /mnt/sdcard/forensics/20151118.1437/info.xml -> ./20151118.1437/info.xml
6 files pulled. 0 files skipped.
478 KB/s (308754 bytes in 0.630s)

New Folder with has been Created :

root@cyborg:/pentest/forensics/af logical# ls
20151118.1437  AFLogical-OSE_1.5.2.apk  GPL  README.txt

Open With Nautilus :

root@cyborg:/pentest/forensics/af logical# nautilus

aflogical file view AFLogical Open Source Edition

Open Folder :

aflogical inside AFLogical Open Source Edition


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