Airtun-ng is a virtual tunnel interface creator. allow all encrypted traffic to be monitored for wireless Intrusion Detection System (wIDS) purposes. Inject arbitrary traffic into a network. in order to perform wIDS data gathering, you must have the encryption key and the bssid for the network you wish to monitor. Airtun-ng decrypts all the traffic for the specific network and passes it to a traditional IDS system.



airtun-ng <options> <replay interface>


      -x nbpps         : number of packets per second (default: 100)
      -a bssid         : set Access Point MAC address
                       : In WDS Mode this sets the Receiver
      -i iface         : capture packets from this interface
      -y file          : read PRGA from this file
      -w wepkey        : use this WEP-KEY to encrypt packets
      -t tods          : send frames to AP (1) or to client (0)
                       : or tunnel them into a WDS/Bridge (2)
      -r file          : read frames out of pcap file

  WDS/Bridge Mode options:
      -s transmitter   : set Transmitter MAC address for WDS Mode
      -b               : bidirectional mode. This enables communication
                       : in Transmitter's AND Receiver's networks.
                       : Works only if you can see both stations.

  Repeater options:
      --repeat         : activates repeat mode
      --bssid <mac>    : BSSID to repeat
      --netmask <mask> : netmask for BSSID filter

      --help           : Displays this usage screen


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo airtun-ng -a 00:01:02:03:AC:AA -w 1234567890 wlan0
created tap interface at0
WEP encryption specified. Sending and receiving frames through wlan0.
FromDS bit set in all frames.

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