AntiLVL ‘ s purpose is to subvert standard license protection methods such as the Android License Verification Library (LVL), Amazon Appstore DRM and Verizon DRM. It also disables many anti-cracking and anti-tampering protection methods. Because every implementation of the LVL is potentially (and often is) quite different, it’s not possible to automate patching in every case. It will not always work. However, it has been designed to get around obfuscation and to apply many variations.



antilvl [options] <Apktool/Baksmali dump | Apk file> [Output Apk]


  -f, --force         Allow overwriting of any existent file
  -s, --skip-assembly Decompile and modify but do not rebuild
  -d, --detect-only   Detect protection information only
  -n, --lvl-only     Skip all protections except Android Market LVL
  --sign-only        Sign Apk file then exit
  --info-only        Get App info then exit
  --assemble-only    Assemble dump, update Output Apk, sign, zipalign, exit
  --skip-cleanup     Do not delete dump directory after running
  --sign-key         PK8 key to sign with (requires --sign-cert)
  --sign-cert        PEM certificate to sign with (reqires --sign-key)
  --sign-pass        Password to use with signature
  --fplist           List installed fingerprints
  --fpexclude        Comma-separated list of fingerprints to exclude
  --fpinclude        Comma-separated list of fingerprints to include
  -v#, --verbose#    Verbose level (1-3)
  -h, --help         Show this friendly message


cyborg@cyborg:~/Downloads$ sudo antilvl ztrela.apk
 AntiLVL - Android License Verification Library Subversion
 Version: 1.4.0  Updated: October 18th, 2011  By: lohan+
 For educational purposes only! :D

App package name: unknown
Uses Android licensing: no

Determining protection mechanisms ...
  Matching 636 files against 29 fingerprints ......

    In home/cyborg/Downloads/ztrela-antilvl-dump/smali/com/android/launcher3/lc.smali
      found Hook Reflection Invocation
      found Hook Package Info

    In home/cyborg/Downloads/ztrela-antilvl-dump/smali/com/android/launcher3/d.smali
      found Hook Package Info

    In home/cyborg/Downloads/ztrela-antilvl-dump/smali/com/android/launcher3/bq.smali
      found Hook Reflection Invocation

    In home/cyborg/Downloads/ztrela-antilvl-dump/smali/com/android/launcher3/ck.smali
      found Hook Reflection Invocation

    In home/cyborg/Downloads/ztrela-antilvl-dump/smali/com/android/launcher3/lm.smali
      found Hook Package Info

    In home/cyborg/Downloads/ztrela-antilvl-dump/smali/com/android/launcher3/de.smali
      found Hook Package Info

    In home/cyborg/Downloads/ztrela-antilvl-dump/smali/com/epic/launcher/j.smali
      found Hook Package Info

    In home/cyborg/Downloads/ztrela-antilvl-dump/smali/com/epic/launcher/s.smali
      found Hook Package Info

Installing hooks ....

Liberating ...
  lc.smali .... success.
  d.smali ... success.
  bq.smali ... success.
  ck.smali ... success.
  lm.smali ... success.
  de.smali ... success.
  j.smali ... success.
  s.smali ... success.

Assembling ... done.
Signing ... done.
Zip aligning ... done.
  Produced: /home/cyborg/Downloads/ztrela-antilvl.apk
Cleaning up ... done.


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