Autoscan Network



AutoScan Network is a network scanner (discovering and managing application). No configuration is required to scan your network. The main goal is to print the list of connected equipments in your network.


AutoScan Network – Multithreaded Scan
AutoScan Network – Automatic network discovery
AutoScan Network – Low surcharge on the network
AutoScan Network – Deployment of agents on the network

Simultaneous subnetworks scans without human intervention
Realtime detection of any connected equipment
Supervision of any equipment (router, server, firewall…)
Supervision of any network service (smtp, http, pop, …)
Automatic detection of known operatic system (brand and version), you can also add any unknown equipment to the database
Complete network tree can be saved in a XML file.
Intruders detection (in intruders detection mode, all new equipments blacklisted)
File sharing exploration (Hidden shares compatibility)
Telnet Client
Nessus Client
Wake on lan functionality
Privileged account is not required


  • An active network card

  • A reliable network

In order to have good results: devices must been started, not stopping. If not, scanning of these devices could be affected.

  • (Optional) A name server properly configured, otherwise informations printed in the interface could be wrong.

  • (Optional) An internet connexion to update the signatures file and to get last update of the product.


cyborg@cyborg:~$  autoscan-network
this is will start autoscan graphic interface

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