smali / baksmali is an assembler/disassembler for the dex format used by dalvik, Android’s Java VM implementation. The syntax is loosely based on Jasmin’s/dedexer’s syntax, and supports the full functionality of the dex format (annotations, debug info, line info, etc.)



baksmali [options] <dex-file>


 -a,--api-level <API_LEVEL>                 baksmali  - The numeric api-level of the file
                                            being disassembled. If not
                                            specified, it defaults to 15 (ICS).
 -b,--no-debug-info                         don't write out debug info (.local,
                                            .param, .line, etc.)
 -c,--bootclasspath <BOOTCLASSPATH>         baksmali  -  A colon-separated list of
                                            bootclasspath jar/oat files to use
                                            for analysis. Add an initial colon
                                            to specify that the jars/oats should
                                            be appended to the default
                                            bootclasspath instead of replacing
 -d,--bootclasspath-dir <DIR>               baksmali  - the base folder to look for the
                                            bootclasspath files in. Defaults to
                                            the current directory
 -e,--dex-file <DEX_FILE>                   looks for dex file named DEX_FILE,
                                            defaults to classes.dex
 -f,--code-offsets                          add comments to the disassembly
                                            containing the code offset for each
 -i,--resource-id-files <FILES>             baksmali  - the resource ID files to use, for
                                            analysis. A colon-separated list of
                                            prefix=file pairs.  For example
 -j,--jobs <NUM_THREADS>                    The number of threads to use.
                                            Defaults to the number of cores
                                            available, up to a maximum of 6
 -k,--check-package-private-access          baksmali  - When deodexing, use the
                                            package-private access check when
                                            calculating vtable indexes. It
                                            should only be needed for 4.2.0
                                            odexes. The functionality was
                                            reverted for 4.2.1.
 -l,--use-locals                            output the .locals directive with
                                            the number of non-parameter
                                            registers, rather than the .register
                                            directive with the total number of
 -m,--no-accessor-comments                  baksmali  - don't output helper comments for
                                            synthetic accessors
 -n,--normalize-virtual-methods             Normalize virtual method references
                                            to the reference the base method.
 -o,--output <DIR>                          the directory where the disassembled
                                            files will be placed. The default is
 -p,--no-parameter-registers                use the v<n> syntax instead of the
                                            p<n> syntax for registers mapped to
                                            method parameters
 -r,--register-info <REGISTER_INFO_TYPES>   baksmali  - print the specificed type(s) of
                                            register information for each
                                            instruction. "ARGS,DEST" is the
                                            default if no types are specified.
                                            Valid values are:
                                            ALL: all pre- and post-instruction
                                            ALLPRE: all pre-instruction
                                            ALLPOST: all post-instruction
                                            ARGS: any pre-instruction registers
                                            used as arguments to the instruction
                                            DEST: the post-instruction
                                            destination register, if any
                                            MERGE: Any pre-instruction register
                                            has been merged from more than 1
                                            different post-instruction register
                                            from its predecessors
                                            FULLMERGE: For each register that
                                            would be printed by MERGE, also show
                                            the incoming register types that
                                            were merged
 -s,--sequential-labels                     baksmali  - create label names using a
                                            sequential numbering scheme per
                                            label type, rather than using the
                                            bytecode address
 -t,--implicit-references                   Use implicit (type-less) method and
                                            field references
 -v,--version                               prints the version then exits
 -X,--experimental                          enable experimental opcodes to be
                                            disassembled, even if they aren't
                                            necessarily supported in the Android
                                            runtime yet
 -x,--deodex                                baksmali  - deodex the given odex file. This
                                            option is ignored if the input file
                                            is not an odex file


cyborg@cyborg:~$ baksmali ztrela.dex

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