Bless Hex Editor


Bless Hex Editor is a high quality, full featured hex editor.

Bless is a binary (hex) editor, a program that enables you to edit files as a sequence of bytes written for the GNOME Desktop. Main features are:

  • Efficient editing of large data files.

  • Multilevel undo – redo operations.

  • Customizable data views.

  • Fast data rendering on screen.

  • Multiple Tabs.

  • Fast Find and Replace operations.

  • Conversion Table.

  • Advanced Copy/Paste capabilities.

  • Multi-threaded search and save operations.

  • Export to text and html (others with plugins).

  • Extensibility with Plugins.

It is written in mono/Gtk# and its primary platform is GNU/Linux. However it should be able to run without problems on every platform that mono and Gtk# run



[email protected]cyborg:~$ bless

Now, you have a GUI editor in front of you,
Go to File >> Open(ctrl+O)
Select your file.
We have choosen classes.dex from an Android Package.

Bless Hex Editor Bless Hex Editor

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