dd_rescue, is an an advanced evolution of dd, a command line program that has been ported only for UNIX/Linux. The program uses a complex series of flags to allow the user to image or write data from and to raw image files. Like dcfldd, the program makes an effort to keep the user apprised of the status of the current operation.

ddrescue and dd_rescue are completely different programs which share no development between them. The two projects are not related in any way except that they both attempt to enhance the standard dd tool and coincidentally chose similar names for their new programs.



dd_rescue [options] infile outfile


         -s ipos    start position in  input file (default=0),
         -S opos    start position in output file (def=ipos),
         -b softbs  block size for copy operation (def=65536, 1048576 for -d),
         -B hardbs  fallback block size in case of errs (def=4096, 512 for -d),
         -e maxerr  exit after maxerr errors (def=0=infinite),
         -m maxxfer maximum amount of data to be transfered (def=0=inf),
         -y syncfrq frequency of fsync calls on outfile (def=512*softbs),
         -l logfile name of a file to log errors and summary to (def=""),
         -o bbfile  name of a file to log bad blocks numbers (def=""),
         -r         reverse direction copy (def=forward),
         -t         truncate output file (def=no),
         -d/D       use O_DIRECT for input/output (def=no),
         -k         use efficient in-kernel zerocopy splice
         -w         abort on Write errors (def=no),
         -a         spArse file writing (def=no),
         -A         Always write blocks, zeroed if err (def=no),
         -i         interactive: ask before overwriting data (def=no),
         -f         force: skip some sanity checks (def=no),
         -p         preserve: preserve ownership / perms (def=no),
         -q         quiet operation,
         -v         verbose operation,
         -V         display version and exit,
         -h         display this help and exit.


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo dd_rescue  /dev/sda1  Desktop/image2.dd
dd_rescue: (info): Using softbs=65536, hardbs=4096
dd_rescue: (info) expect to copy 102400kB from /dev/sda1
dd_rescue: (info): ipos:    102400.0k, opos:    102400.0k, xferd:    102400.0k
                   errs:      0, errxfer:         0.0k, succxfer:    102400.0k
             +curr.rate:    57892kB/s, avg.rate:    26531kB/s, avg.load: 12.9%
             >----------------------------------------.<  99%  ETA:  0:00:00 
dd_ rescue: (info): read /dev/sda1 (102400.0k): EOF
dd_ rescue: (info): Summary for /dev/sda1 -> Desktop/image2.dd:
dd_ rescue: (info): ipos:    102400.0k, opos:    102400.0k, xferd:    102400.0k
                   errs:      0, errxfer:         0.0k, succxfer:    102400.0k
             +curr.rate:        0kB/s, avg.rate:    19030kB/s, avg.load:  9.8%
             >----------------------------------------.<  99%  ETA:  0:00:00

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