Driftnet watches network traffic, and picks out and displays JPEG and GIF images for display. It is a horrific invasion of privacy and shouldn’t be used by anyone anywhere. It can also extract MPEG audio data from the network and play it. If you live in a house with thick walls, this may be a useful way to find out about your neighbours’ musical taste.



driftnet [options] [filter code]


  -h               Display this help message.
  -v               Verbose operation.
  -b               Beep when a new image is captured.
  -i interface     Select the interface on which to listen (default: all
  -f file          Instead of listening on an interface, read captured
                   packets from a pcap dump file; file can be a named pipe
                   for use with Kismet or similar.
  -p               Do not put the listening interface into promiscuous mode.
  -a               Adjunct mode: do not display images on screen, but save
                   them to a temporary directory and announce their names on
                   standard output.
  -m number        Maximum number of images to keep in temporary directory
                   in adjunct mode.
  -d directory     Use the named temporary directory.
  -x prefix        Prefix to use when saving images.
  -s               Attempt to extract streamed audio data from the network,
                   in addition to images. At present this supports MPEG data
  -S               Extract streamed audio but not images.
  -M command       Use the given command to play MPEG audio data extracted
                   with the -s option; this should process MPEG frames
                   supplied on standard input. Default: `mpg123 -'.


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo driftnet -f cap.pcap

driftnet DriftNet

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