Ettercap-Graphical is a comprehensive suite for man in the middle attacks. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks. It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols and includes many features for network and host analysis.

Ettercap-Graphical is a tool made by Alberto Ornaghi (ALoR) and Marco Valleri (NaGA) and is basically a suite for man in the middle attacks on a LAN. For those who do not like the Command ike Interface (CLI), it is provided with an easy graphical interface.

Ettercap-Graphical is able to perform attacks against the ARP protocol by positioning itself as “man in the middle” and, once positioned as this, it is able to:
– infect, replace, delete data in a connection
– discover passwords for protocols such as FTP, HTTP, POP, SSH1, etc …
– provide fake SSL certificates in HTTPS sections to the victims.
– etc …



ettercap [OPTIONS] [TARGET1] [TARGET2]


  -i, --iface <iface>         use this network interface
  -I, --liface                show all the network interfaces
  -Y, --secondary <ifaces>    list of secondary network interfaces
  -n, --netmask <netmask>     force this <netmask> on iface
  -A, --address <address>     force this local <address> on iface
  -P, --plugin <plugin>       launch this <plugin>
  -F, --filter <file>         load the filter <file> (content filter)
  -z, --silent                do not perform the initial ARP scan
  -j, --load-hosts <file>     load the hosts list from <file>
  -k, --save-hosts <file>     save the hosts list to <file>
  -W, --wifi-key <wkey>       use this key to decrypt wifi packets (wep or wpa)
  -a, --config <config>       use the alterative config file <config>


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo ettercap

ARP-Poisoning with Ettercap 

Start Ettercap :

Ettercap-Graphical Ettercap-Graphical

Select type of sniffing and enter interface :

ettercap network interface Ettercap-Graphical

This window will be opened :

ettercap sniff Ettercap-Graphical

Scan the Hosts:

ettercap scan host Ettercap-Graphical

Load the Scanned Host List :

ettercap host list Ettercap-Graphical

Add Target for ARP Poisoning:

ettercp add target Ettercap-Graphical

Open ARP Poisoning Module :

ettercap arp poisoning Ettercap-Graphical

Sniff for Remote Connections :

ettercap arp sniff remote Ettercap-Graphical

Start Sniffing :

ettercap start sniffing Ettercap-Graphical


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