FLS show List file and directory names in a disk image. fls is a Sleuth Kit tool that is used to list files and directory names within an image. It operates at the file system layer. fls can also list file names of deleted files for a directory when the inode is supplied.



fls [-adDFlpruvV] [-f fstype] [-i imgtype] [-b dev_sector_size] [-m dir/] [-o imgoffset] [-z ZONE] [-s seconds] image [images] [inode]


        -a: Display "." and ".." entries
	-d: Display deleted entries only
	-D: Display only directories
	-F: Display only files
	-l: Display long version (like ls -l)
	-i imgtype: Format of image file (use '-i list' for supported types)
	-b dev_sector_size: The size (in bytes) of the device sectors
	-f fstype: File system type (use '-f list' for supported types)
	-m: Display output in mactime input format with
	      dir/ as the actual mount point of the image
	-o imgoffset: Offset into image file (in sectors)
	-p: Display full path for each file
	-r: Recurse on directory entries
	-u: Display undeleted entries only
	-v: verbose output to stderr
	-V: Print version
	-z: Time zone of original machine (i.e. EST5EDT or GMT) (only useful with -l)
	-s seconds: Time skew of original machine (in seconds) (only useful with -l & -m)


cyborg@cyborg:~$ fls -r  image.dd
r/r 4-128-4:	$AttrDef
r/r 8-128-2:	$BadClus
r/r 8-128-1:	$BadClus:$Bad
r/r 6-128-4:	$Bitmap
r/r 7-128-1:	$Boot
d/d 11-144-4:	$Extend
+ r/r 25-144-2:	$ObjId:$O
+ r/r 24-144-3:	$Quota:$O
+ r/r 24-144-2:	$Quota:$Q
+ r/r 26-144-2:	$Reparse:$R
+ d/d 27-144-2:	$RmMetadata
++ r/r 28-128-4:	$Repair
++ r/r 28-128-2:	$Repair:$Config

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