foremost is a forensics application to recover files based on their headers, footers, and internal data structures. it can work on image files, such as those generated by dd, Safeback, Encase, etc, or directly on a drive. This short article shows how you can use foremost to recover deleted files. Foremost is designed to ignore the type of underlying filesystem and directly read and copy portions of the drive into the computer’s memory. It takes these portions one segment at a time, and using a process known as file carving searches this memory for a file header type that matches the ones found in Foremost’s configuration file. When a match is found, it writes that header and the data following it into a file, stopping when either a footer is found, or until the file size limit is reached.[



foremost [-v|-V|-h|-T|-Q|-q|-a|-w-d] [-t <type>] [-s <blocks>] [-k <size>] 
	[-b <size>] [-c <file>] [-o <dir>] [-i <file]


-V  - display copyright information and exit
-t  - specify file type.  (-t jpeg,pdf ...) 
-d  - turn on indirect block detection (for UNIX file-systems) 
-i  - specify input file (default is stdin) 
-a  - Write all headers, perform no error detection (corrupted files) 
-w  - Only write the audit file, do not write any detected files to the disk 
-o  - set output directory (defaults to output)
-c  - set configuration file to use (defaults to foremost.conf)
-q  - enables quick mode. Search are performed on 512 byte boundaries.
-Q  - enables quiet mode. Suppress output messages. 
-v  - verbose mode. Logs all messages to screen


cyborg@cyborg:~$ foremost -v -t jpeg -i /dev/sdb1
Foremost version 1.5.7 by Jesse Kornblum, Kris Kendall, and Nick Mikus
Audit File

Foremost started at Fri Oct 23 17:20:07 2015
Invocation: foremost -v -t jpeg -i /dev/sdb1 
Output directory: /home/cyborg/output
Configuration file: /usr/local/etc/foremost.conf
Processing: stdin
File: stdin
Start: Fri Oct 23 17:20:07 2015
Length: Unknown
Num	 Name (bs=512)	       Size	 File Offset	 Comment 
01        image.jpeg            68KB       0xb74            -

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