Gerix Wifi Cracker


Gerix Wifi Cracker Tool Developed by Emanuele Gentili (emgent[at]ubuntu[dot]com)Gerix is New Generation Wifi Cracker NG With GUI. Tool written in Python + QT. Using this tool you can perform all different techniques to attack Access Point And Wireless Routers.


Cracking WPA2  : 

cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo gerix-wifi-cracker

gerix wifi cracker Gerix Wifi Cracker

Enable Monitor Mode :

gerix monitor mode Gerix Wifi Cracker

Click on Rescan Network to get Target , After this select your target .

gerix target scan Gerix Wifi Cracker

Goto WPA Tab And ,in General Functionality Click on Start Sniffing and Logging :

gerix wpa sniffing Gerix Wifi Cracker


Sniffing WPA2 Packets :

gerix sniffing Gerix Wifi Cracker


Go to WPA Attacks , Enter Victim MAC and DeAuth Number then Click on Client DeAuthentication  :

gerix deauth Gerix Wifi Cracker

DeAuthenticating Victim :

gerix deauth dump Gerix Wifi Cracker


In Cracking Tab , Enter the Path of Dictionary then Crack with Aircrack-NG :

gerix dictionary Gerix Wifi Cracker

Wpa2 Cracked :

gerix cracked Gerix Wifi Cracker



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