Intersect 2.5 is the second major release in the project line. This release is much different from the previous,
in that it gives the user complete control over which features the Intersect script includes and lets them easily
import their own features, among other new functionality.

This release focuses mainly on the individual modules(features) and the capability to generate your own customized
Intersect scripts. By using the application, the user is guided through a menu-driven process which allows
them to select which modules they would like to include, import their own custom modules and ultimately create an
Intersect script that is built around the specific modules they choose.


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo intersect 

             _______         __                                __   
            |_     _|.-----.|  |_.-----.----.-----.-----.----.|  |_ 
             _|   |_ |     ||   _|  -__|   _|__ --|  -__|  __||   _|
            |_______||__|__||____|_____|__| |_____|_____|____||____|
                                         Post-Exploitation Framework

Intersect 2.5 - Script Creation Utility
1 => Create Custom Script
2 => List Available Modules
3 => Load Plugin Module
4 => Exit Creation Utility

 =>  1

Intersect 2.0 - Script Generation Utility
---------- Create Custom Script -----------


Use the console below to create your custom
Intersect script. Type the modules you wish 
to add, pressing [enter] after each module. 
 => creds
 => network

When you have entered all your desired modules
into the queue, start the build process by typing :create. 

** To view a full list of all available commands type :help.
The command :quit will return you to the main menu.

 =>  :help

  Available Commands:
         :help  =>  display this menu
       :active  =>  shows current module queue
       :create  =>  creates payload from selected list
        :clear  =>  clears the screen
  :info module  =>  show description of module
      :modules  =>  list of currently available modules
        module  =>  adds module to payload queue
   :rem module  =>  removes module from payload queue
         :quit  =>  return to the main menu
 =>  :modules
archive  creds	 extras  network  reversexor  scrub
bshell	 daemon  lanmap  osuser   rshell      xorshell
aeshttp       getrepos	 openshares  portscan  sniff	webproxy  xmpp
egressbuster  icmpshell  persistent  privesc   udpbind	xmlcrack
 =>  :info creds

Description:  Gather user and system credentials. Looks for passwords, SSH keys, SSL certs, certain application creds, user histories and more.
Author:  ohdae [[email protected]]
 =>  creds
creds added to queue.

 =>  scrub
scrub added to queue.

 =>  network
network added to queue.

 =>  osuser
osuser added to queue.

 =>  rshell
rshell added to queue.

 =>  :active

Modules you have selected: 
['creds', 'scrub', 'network', 'osuser', 'rshell']
 =>  :rem network
[+] Removed module network from queue
 =>  :active

Modules you have selected: 
['creds', 'scrub', 'osuser', 'rshell']
 =>  :create

[ Set Options ]
If any of these options don't apply to you, press [enter] to skip.
Enter a name for your Intersect script. The finished script will be placed in the Scripts directory. Do not include Python file extension.

Specify the directory on the target system where the gathered files and information will be saved to.
*Important* This should be a NEW directory. When exiting Intersect, this directory will be deleted if it contains no files.
If you skip this option, the default (/tmp/lift+$randomstring) will be used.
temp directory  =>  
enable logging  =>  
bind port  =>  
remote host  =>  
remote port  =>  
proxy port  =>  
xor cipher key  =>  

[+] Your custom Intersect script has been created!
   Location: /pentest/backdoors/intersect/Scripts/


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