lbd (load balancing detector) detects if a given domain uses DNS and/or HTTP Load-Balancing (via Server: and Date: headers and diffs between server answers).

Load Balancing Detector is a tool written by Stefan Behte ( lbd detects if a given domain uses DNS and/or HTTP Load-Balancing. Checks are made againstServer: and Date: header and diffs between server answers (50 requests are sent and compared).

Load Balancing Detector  is a tool which checks, if a given domain use load balancing or not. lbd tool is mainly used by pentesters and hackers to checks site is dosable or not.

Loadbalancing is the technique used in different services for balancing the load across different servers or NICs. It can be in any form. Load balancing can be done to evenly distribute work load through a series of Computer clusters. Or it can be used within a single system to balance connections across a set of network interface cards or disks. In a cluster of computers, all systems will have all the data synced within them. A manager resource selects the specific node within the cluster when an incoming request is made. The manager effectively transfers the connections to another node if the work load of any one of the nodes is high. Thus load balancing minimizes response-time & maximizes throughput. Load balancing can be implemented in both software & hardware levels.


cyborg@cyborg:~$ lbd 
Checking for DNS-Loadbalancing: FOUND has address has address has address has address

Checking for HTTP-Loadbalancing [Server]:

Checking for HTTP-Loadbalancing [Date]: 09:59:52, 09:59:52, 09:59:52, 09:59:52, 09:59:52, 09:59:53, 09:59:53,                                               09:59:53, 09:59:53, 09:59:53, 09:59:53, 09:59:53, 09:59:53, 09:59:53, 09:59:53, 09:59:54, , NOT F                                              OUND

Checking for HTTP-Loadbalancing [Diff]: NOT FOUND does Load-balancing. Found via Methods: DNS

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