MaskGen generates hashcat masks. MaskGen allows you to craft pattern-based mask attacks for input into Hashcat family of password crackers. The tool uses output produced by statsgen above with the ‘-o’ flag in order to produce the most optimal mask attack sorted by mask complexity, mask occurrence or ratio of the two (optimal index).


Syntax pass0.masks [pass1.masks ...] [options]


  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t 86400, --targettime=86400
                        Target time of all masks (seconds)
  -o masks.hcmask, --outputmasks=masks.hcmask
                        Save masks to a file
  --showmasks           Show matching masks

  Individual Mask Filter Options:
    --minlength=8       Minimum password length
    --maxlength=8       Maximum password length
    --mintime=3600      Minimum mask runtime (seconds)
    --maxtime=3600      Maximum mask runtime (seconds)
    --mincomplexity=1   Minimum complexity
                        Maximum complexity
    --minoccurrence=1   Minimum occurrence
                        Maximum occurrence

  Mask Sorting Options:
    --optindex          sort by mask optindex (default)
    --occurrence        sort by mask occurrence
    --complexity        sort by mask complexity

  Check mask coverage:
                        check mask coverage
                        check mask coverage in a file

  Miscellaneous options:
    --pps=1000000000    Passwords per Second
    -q, --quiet         Don't show headers.


cyborg@cyborg:~$ maskgen passwords.masks --minlength=9
     MaskGen 0.0.3    | |
      _ __   __ _  ___| | _
     | '_ \ / _` |/ __| |/ /
     | |_) | (_| | (__|   < 
     | .__/ \__,_|\___|_|\_\
     | |                    
     |_| [email protected]

[*] Analyzing masks in [passwords.masks]
[*] Using 1,000,000,000 keys/sec for calculations.
[*] Sorting masks by their [optindex].
[*] Finished generating masks:
    Masks generated: 12
    Masks coverage:  9% (81/895)
    Masks runtime:   >1 year



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