Metasploit Diagnostic Logs


Metasploit Diagnostic Logs The Metasploit Framework, MSF is a framework, a collection of programs and tools for penetration testing networks. Metasploit has a collection of exploits, payloads, libraries and interfaces that can be used to exploit computers. metasploit has a large collection of exploits and payloads and the tools to package and deliver them to a targeted host computer.

Metasploit allows you to choose an exploit from its library, choose a payload, configure the target addressing, the target port numbers, and other options, and the framework will package it all together together, and launch it across the network to a targeted system. Metasploit is extremely flexible and can assist in the testing and development of exploits. Written in the Ruby programming language, Metasploit also allows the user to write his own exploits and payloads and include them within the framework. Metasploit is cross platform and can run on Linux, MAC OS, and Windows and has exploits and payloads targeting all three as well. Metasploit Diagnostic Logs is a part of it. 


Metasploit Diagnostic Logs

cyborg@cyborg:~$ cd /opt/metasploit/

cyborg@cyborg:/opt/metasploit$ sudo ./ 
[sudo] password for cyborg: 
worker is stopped
metasploit is stopped
prosvc is stopped
nginx is stopped
/opt/metasploit/postgresql/scripts/ : postgresql stopped

*                                    *
*     Metasploit Diagnostic Logs     *
*                                    *

[*] Make sure to shut down all Metasploit before running this script!!
[*] Creating archive of diagnostic logs...

[*] Created (111941 bytes)

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