Miredo is a daemon program providing a Teredo tunnel service compatible with the “Teredo: Tunneling IPv6 over UDP through NATs” Internet proposed standard (RFC 4380). It can provide either Teredo client or Teredo relay functionality.

This is mostly useful to provide IPv6 connectivity to users behind NAT, most of which do not support IPv6 at all. Many NATs do not even support proto-41 forwarding, so it is not possible to set up a 6to4 or point-to-point IPv6-over-IPv4tunnel through them.

A Teredo relay is an IPv6 router which forwards IPv6 packets between the IPv6 Internet and Teredo clients by encapsulating these IPv6 packets over UDP/IPv4.

A Teredo client is an IPv6-enabled host which is located behind an IPv4-only Network Address Translator (a.k.a. NAT), and encapsulates its IPv6 traffic inside UDP over IPv4 packets.

A Teredo server is a special Teredo relay which is required for Teredo clients to setup their IPv6 connectivity through Teredo. A Teredo server must have to global static subsequent IPv4 addresses. It receives packets from Teredo clients and Teredo relays on UDP port 3544.




Creates a Teredo tunneling interface for encapsulation of IPv6 over UDP.


  -c, --config     specify an configuration file
  -f, --foreground run in the foreground
  -h, --help       display this help and exit
  -p, --pidfile    override the location of the PID file
  -u, --user       override the user to set UID to
  -V, --version    display program version and exit 


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo miredo -c /etc/miredo.conf -p /var/run/miredo/miredo.pid

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