The Samba net utility is meant to work just like the net utility available for windows and DOS. The first argument should be used to specify the protocol to use when executing a certain command. ADS is used for ActiveDirectory, RAP is using for old (Win9x/NT3) clients and RPC can be used for NT4 and Windows 2000. If this argument is omitted, net will try to determine it automatically. Not all commands are available on all protocols. its configuration file contains The file specified contains the configuration details required by the server. The information in this file includes server-specific information such as what printcap file to use, as well as descriptions of all the services that the server is to provide.



net {<ads|rap|rpc>} [-h] [-w workgroup] [-W myworkgroup] [-U user] [-I ip-address] [-p port] [-n myname] [-s conffile] [-S server] [-l] [-P] [-d debuglevel] [-V] [--request-timeout seconds]


Valid targets: choose one (none defaults to localhost)
	-S or --server=<server>		server name
	-I or --ipaddress=<ipaddr>	address of target server
	-w or --workgroup=<wg>		target workgroup or domain

Valid miscellaneous options are:
	-p or --port=<port>		connection port on target
	-W or --myworkgroup=<wg>	client workgroup
	-d or --debuglevel=<level>	debug level (0-10)
	-n or --myname=<name>		client name
	-U or --user=<name>		user name
	-s or --configfile=<path>	pathname of smb.conf file
	-l or --long			Display full information
	-V or --version			Print samba version information
	-P or --machine-pass		Authenticate as machine account
	-e or --encrypt			Encrypt SMB transport (UNIX extended servers only)
	-k or --kerberos		Use kerberos (active directory) authentication


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo net rpc SHUTDOWN -f -I -U administrator%toor

Shutdown of remote machine succeeded



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