Paros is a wonderful free Java based tool that is invaluable for web application auditing, testing, and debugging. Although it is well known in the web application security circles, it is less known in general web development circles. This article will demonstrate just a few of the many uses of it that cross over both realms. it’ proxy feature is invaluable for inspecting traffic as it comes to and from a browser. This allows developers and testers to investigate various aspects of web application architectures, such as how cookies are set, redirects being issued to a browser, and queries sent from the browser to the server. While it includes some automated scanning tools, these are rather weak and it really shows its strength in the hands of a skilled penetration tester who knows what to look for.


Set Your Proxy here and same in your browser to capture traffic via proxy .  Go to Tools > Options 

cyborg@cyborg:$ sudo paros

paros Paros

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