PhrasenDrescher (p|d) is a modular and multi processing pass phrase cracking tool. It comes with a number of plugins but a simple plugin API allows an easy development of new plugins. The main features of p|d are:

  • Modular with the use of plugins

  • Multi processing

  • Dictionary attack with or without permutations (uppercase, lowercase, l33t, etc.)

  • Incremental brute force attack with custom character maps

  • Runs on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS and Linux



pd plugin [options]

 Available plugins:
   enc-file  mssql  pkey  http-raw  ssh


   h           : print this message
   v           : verbose mode
   i from[:to] : incremental mode beginning with word length `from'
                 and going to `to'
   d file      : run dictionary based with words from `file'
   w number    : number of worker threads (default is one)
   r rules     : specify rewriting rules for the dictionary mode:
                   A = all characters upper case
                   F = first character upper case
                   L = last character upper case
                   W = first letter of each word to upper case
                   a = all characters lower case
                   f = first character lower case
                   l = last character lower case
                   w = first letter of each word to lower case
                   D = prepend digit
                   d = append digit
                   e = 1337 characters
                   x = all rules


cyborg@cyborg:~$ pd ssh -d dict.txt -t -v
phrasen|drescher 1.2.2 - the passphrase cracker
Copyright (C) 2008 Nico Leidecker;

[ssh] Trying host
[ssh]   Fingerprint: C1 D3 4E 15 1F C0 FE C0 B1 D2 E5 C7 D6 A5
[ssh]   Authentication mechanisms: publickey,password (using: password)
[ssh] Complete List of targets:
[ssh] Users:
[ssh]   cyborg

plugin ssh loaded. Running now (1 workers)...
mode: dictionary (dict.txt)

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