Open Source Policy

Open source software is used as-is in binary form without modification during the development process and as an external component not part of project deliverables.In Cyborg we included several packages which are open source and thus not breaking their license agrrement. However, several non-free are also incluced , who are also ready for redistribution by thier default license.


Trademark Policy

All trademarks, even those that apply to open source software, must be used according to certain legal requirements. If these requirements are not met, the trademark may be endangered or lost. One of these requirements is for the trademark owner (in this case, the Cyborg or ztrela )to maintain standards for using its trademarks, and to enforce acceptable use of the trademarks by taking action against parties that violate those standards.


Security Tools Policy

One should aware of the fact that security tools can be destructive if not handled properly. We, are not liable of any damages caused by using our product, it is a sole responsibility of the user. Penetration testing distribution must be used for security purpose and not for unethical purpose.


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