Powerfuzzer is a highly automated and fully customizable web fuzzer (HTTP protocol based application fuzzer) based on many other Open Source fuzzers available and information gathered from numerous security resources and websites. It was designed to be user friendly, modern, effective and working.

A power fuzzer is also a fuzzer iterator. It is constructed based on a prototype, which carries the payloads and the fuzzer information type.

The extension of a power fuzzer is the ability to change the number of elements that get returned through the use of the nextPower() method.

Similarly to the Fuzzer.next() method of iteration, the nextPower() will return a array of length the power of the fuzzer, set under construction, of howerever many elements are required.

This constructor is available through the factory method, createPower Fuzzer(), available in the Database class.

The length specifies the number of digits, in terms of characters that the Fuzzer will be used for. This is required for recursive and zero fuzzers, where an iteration is taking place.

The power specifies the number of elements that will be returned through the nextPower() method, as a String array.


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo powerfuzzer 

powerfuzzer powerfuzzer

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