recordmydesktop is a small cross-platform command-line utility to capture WebKit’s rendering of a web page into a variety of vector and bitmap formats, including SVG, PDF, PS, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP.



recordmydesktop [OPTIONS]^filename


Generic Options
      -h, --help                              Print this help and exit. recordmydesktop 
      --version                           Print program version and exit. recordmydesktop 
      --print-config                      Print info about options selected recordmydesktop 
                                          during compilation and exit. recordmydesktop 

Image Options
      --windowid=id_of_window             id of window to be recorded.
      --display=DISPLAY                   Display to connect to.
  -x, --x=N>=0                            Offset in x direction.
  -y, --x=N>=0                            Offset in y direction.
      --width=N>0                         Width of recorded window.
      --height=N>0                        Height of recorded window.
      --dummy-cursor=color                Color of the dummy cursor
      --no-cursor                         Disable drawing of the cursor.
      --no-shared                         Disable usage of MIT-shared memory
                                          extension(Not Recommended!).
      --full-shots                        Take full screenshot at every
                                          frame(Not recomended!).
      --follow-mouse                      Makes the capture area follow the
                                          mouse cursor. Autoenables
      --quick-subsampling                 Do subsampling of the chroma planes
                                          by discarding, not averaging.
      --fps=N(number>0.0)                 A positive number denoting desired

Sound Options
      --channels=N                        A positive number denoting desired
                                          sound channels in recording.
      --freq=N                            A positive number denoting desired
                                          sound frequency.
      --buffer-size=N                     A positive number denoting the
                                          desired sound buffer size (in
                                          frames,when using ALSA or OSS)
      --ring-buffer-size=N                A float number denoting the desired
                                          ring buffer size (in seconds,when
                                          using JACK only).
      --device=SOUND_DEVICE               Sound device(default default).
      --use-jack=port1 port2... portn     Record audio from the specified list
                                          of space-separated jack ports.
      --no-sound                          Do not record sound.

Encoding Options
      --on-the-fly-encoding               Encode the audio-video data, while
      --v_quality=n                       A number from 0 to 63 for desired
                                          encoded video quality(default 63).
      --v_bitrate=n                       A number from 0 to 2000000 for
                                          desired encoded video
                                          bitrate(default 0).
      --s_quality=n                       Desired audio quality(-1 to 10).

Misc Options
      --rescue=path_to_data               Encode data from a previous,
                                          crashed, session.
      --no-wm-check                       Do not try to detect the window
                                          manager(and set options according to
      --no-frame                          Don not show the frame that
                                          visualizes the recorded area.
      --pause-shortcut=MOD+KEY            Shortcut that will be used for
                                          (un)pausing (default Control+Mod1+p).
      --stop-shortcut=MOD+KEY             Shortcut that will be used to stop
                                          the recording (default
      --compress-cache                    Image data are cached with light
      --workdir=DIR                       Location where a temporary directory
                                          will be created to hold project
                                          files(default $HOME).
      --delay=n[H|h|M|m]                  Number of secs(default),minutes or
                                          hours before capture starts(number
                                          can be float)
      --overwrite                         If there is already a file with the
                                          same name, delete it (default is to
                                          add a number postfix to the new one).
  -o, --output=filename                   Name of recorded video(default

	If no other options are specified, filename can be given without the -o switch. recordmydesktop 


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo recordmydesktop -o /home/cyborg/Videos/video.ogv
Initial recording window is set to:
X:0   Y:0    Width:1360    Height:768
Adjusted recording window is set to:
X:0   Y:0    Width:1360    Height:768
Your window manager appears to be Metacity

Buffer size adjusted to 4096 from 4096 frames.
Opened PCM device default
Recording on device default is set to:
1 channels at 22050Hz

Cached 13 MB, from 776 MB that were received.
Average cache compression ratio: 98.2 %

Saved 195 frames in a total of 194 requests
Shutting down.....
Encoding started!
recordmydesktop  This may take several minutes.
Pressing Ctrl-C will cancel the procedure (resuming will not be possible, but
any portion of the video, which is already encoded won't be deleted).
Please wait...
Output file: /home/cyborg/Videos/video.ogv
Encoding finished!
Wait a moment please...
recordmydesktop  Done.
Written 1312650 bytes
(1187379 of which were video data and 125271 audio data)

Cleanning up cache...

Here's The Video 


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