RSMangler will take a wordlist and perform various manipulations on it similar to those done by John the Ripper the main difference being that it will first take the input words and generate all permutations and the acronym of the words (in order they appear in the file) before it applies the rest of the mangles.



rsmangler [OPTION]


        --help, -h: show help
	--file, -f: the input file, use - for STDIN
	--max, -x: maximum word length
	--min, -m: minimum word length
	--perms, -p: permutate all the words
	--double, -d: double each word
	--reverse, -r: reverser the word
	--leet, -t: l33t speak the word
	--full-leet, -T: all posibilities l33t
	--capital, -c: capitalise the word
	--upper, -u: uppercase the word
	--lower, -l: lowercase the word
	--swap, -s: swap the case of the word
	--ed, -e: add ed to the end of the word
	--ing, -i: add ing to the end of the word
	--punctuation: add common punctuation to the end of the word
	--years, -y: add all years from 1990 to current year to start and end
	--acronym, -a: create an acronym based on all the words entered in order and add to word list
	--common, -C: add the following words to start and end: admin, sys, pw, pwd
	--pna: add 01 - 09 to the end of the word
	--pnb: add 01 - 09 to the beginning of the word
	--na: add 1 - 123 to the end of the word
	--nb: add 1 - 123 to the beginning of the word
	--force - don't check output size
	--space - add spaces between words


cyborg@cyborg:~$ cat dict.txt | rsmangler -s --file -> newpass.txt
cyborg@cyborg:~$ wc -l dict.txt 
1 dict.txt 
cyborg@cyborg:~$ wc -l newpass.txt 
713 newpass.txt



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