Snowdrop is intended to bring (relatively) invisible and modification-proof watermarking to a new realm of “source material” – written word and computer source codes. The information is not being embedded in the least significant portions of some binary output, as it would be with a traditional low-level steganography, but into the source itself.



       snowdrop-c [ -6 ] -e origfile newfile
       snowdrop-c [ -6 ] -l
       snowdrop-c [ -6 ] -i origfile newfile "Recipient" [ "Comment" ]


-e     First method of calling the program (with -e option) enables watermark
       extraction mode. In this mode, file passed as a first parameter must be
       the original document used to generate second file (or its portions).

-l     Second method (-l) simply lists the contents of the watermark database
       for the module you're now running.

-i     Third method (-i) enables watermark injection mode. File 'origfile' is
       modified and saved as 'newfile'. Mandatory parameter is the recipient
       identifier. Optional comment can be added for your refernece.

-6     Additional parameter -6 enables strong, 64-bit watermarking that is suitable
       for providing public documentation of watermarked document abuse.


cyborg@cyborg:~$ snowdrop-c -i c.pdf new.pdf "secured"
snowdrop 0.02b: text watermarking / watermark recovery by [email protected]

[*] Weak 32-bit watermarking used (use -6 to change it).
[+] Input file loaded successfully.
  Location  : c.pdf
  Size      : 659924 bytes
  Signature : 0385e157-2cf488e6
  Recipient : secured
  Comment   : <none>
  Magic     : e59f7cbc-a3d501b7
  Watermark : 86ce4a37
  Conf MD5  : 00000f00
[*] Computed capacity: 50 bits overall.
  Target specification : standalone C code (**** BROKEN BETA ****) [c]
  WARNING: capacity too low, watermark will not be redundant!
  Whitespace channel   : 1.56 (50 bits)
  Grammar channel      : 0.00 (0 bits)
  Formatting channel   : 0.00 (0 bits)
  Substitution channel : 0.00 (0 bits)
  Channel offsets are  : 0, 8, 8, 8
[*] Embedding the watermark...
[+] Done. Written 558 bytes to file 'new.pdf', 50 bits embedded.

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