Tcpjunk is a general TCP protocols testing and hacking utility.

  • Supports IPv4/IPv6

  • Automatically send/receive data according to predefined session setup

  • Client/Server mode

  • Supports SSL

  • Dynamic data insertion and manipulation using tags

  • Traffic generation

  • GUI mode



General options:
  -d, --debug              force display of session data
  -v, --verbose            force display of warnings and other information
  -X, --hexdump            show session data as hex dump
  -h, --help               show this help and exit
  -x, --gui                run Tcp junk in GUI mode
  -a, --daemon             run Tcp junk as a daemon

Session options:
  -c, --file=FILENAME        session data file
  -e, --seq-file=DIRECTORY   use session files from directory, sequentially
  -f, --rand-file=DIRECTORY  use random session files from directory
  -W, --wait-data            wait for data at first
  -C, --close                do not wait for data at last
  -T, --sess-time=MSECONDS   session timeout (default: 100 milliseconds)

Client options:
  -s, --host=HOST/IP         hostname/IP of remote host
  -i, --instances=NUMBER     number of client instances to run in parallel
  -l, --limit-sess=NUMBER    limit number of sessions per instance (default:
                             no limit)
  -P, --src-ip=IP            bind to specific/random source IP addresses
  -I, --interface=INTERFACE  network interface for source IP usage
  -N, --ip-sessions=NUMBER   number of sessions to use with each source IP
                             (default: 10)
  -O, --offset=NUMBER        source IPv4 interface alias offset (default: 0)
  -o, --src-port=PORT        bind to specific source port

Server options:
  -r, --server            server mode
  -E, --cert=FILENAME     server certificate file
  -K, --key=FILENAME      server key file

Connection options:
  -p, --port=PORT            service name/port to connect or listen to
  -6, --ipv6                 Use IPv6
  -S, --ssl                  use SSL v3.0
  -t, --timeout=SECONDS      connection timeout (default: 2 seconds)
  -w, --wait=MSECONDS        delay between connections (default: none)
  -k, --repeat-sess=NUMBER   repeat session on same connection (default: 1)
  -m, --send-size=BYTES      set send buffer size
  -D, --send-delay=MSECONDS  delay before send operations
  -M, --max-seg=BYTES        set TCP max segment size socket option
  -z, --optimize             optimize TCP tw_recycle, tw_reuse settings and
                             file descriptor limits


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo tcpjunk -x

TCP Junk Connect :

To on Port 80

tcpjunk connect TCPJunk

TCP Junk Accept : 

From on Port 10002

tcpjunk accept TCPJunk



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