TCPReplay is a tool for replaying network traffic from files saved with tcpdump or other tools which write pcap(3) files.



tcpreplay [ -<flag> [<val>] | --<name>[{=| }<val>] ]... <pcap_file(s)>


   -q, --quiet                Quiet mode
   -T, --timer=str            Select packet timing mode: select, ioport, rdtsc, gtod, nano, abstime
       --sleep-accel=num      Reduce the amount of time to sleep by specified usec
       --rdtsc-clicks=num     Specify the RDTSC clicks/usec
   -v, --verbose              Print decoded packets via tcpdump to STDOUT
   -A, --decode=str           Arguments passed to tcpdump decoder
   -K, --enable-file-cache    Enable caching of packets to internal memory
       --preload-pcap         Preloads packets into RAM before sending
   -c, --cachefile=str        Split traffic via a tcpprep cache file
   -i, --intf1=str            Server/primary traffic output interface
   -I, --intf2=str            Client/secondary traffic output interface
       --listnics             List available network interfaces and exit
   -l, --loop=num             Loop through the capture file X times
       --pktlen               Override the snaplen and use the actual packet len
   -L, --limit=num            Limit the number of packets to send
   -x, --multiplier=str       Modify replay speed to a given multiple
   -p, --pps=num              Replay packets at a given packets/sec
   -M, --mbps=str             Replay packets at a given Mbps
   -t, --topspeed             Replay packets as fast as possible
   -o, --oneatatime           Replay one packet at a time for each user input
       --pps-multi=num        Number of packets to send for each time interval
   -P, --pid                  Print the PID of tcpreplay at startup
       --stats=num            Print statistics every X seconds
   -V, --version              Print version information
   -h, --less-help            Display less usage information and exit
   -H, --help                 Display usage information and exit
   -!, --more-help            Extended usage information passed thru pager
       --save-opts[=arg]      Save the option state to a config file
       --load-opts=str        Load options from a config file


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo tcpreplay --topspeed --intf1=eth0 cap.pcap 
sending out eth0 
processing file: cap.pcap
Actual: 871901 packets (403816227 bytes) sent in 34.50 seconds.		Rated: 11704818.0 bps, 89.30 Mbps, 25272.49 pps
TCPReplay  Statistics for network device: eth0
	Attempted packets:         871901
	Successful packets:        871901
	Failed packets:            0
	Retried packets (ENOBUFS): 0
	Retried packets (EAGAIN):  0

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