With thcping6 we can carft a custom ICMPv6 packet, with being able to configure almost any field in the header, at least the most important ones.



thcping6 [-af] [-H t:l:v] [-D t:l:v] [-F dst] [-t ttl] [-c class] [-l label] [-d size] [-S port|-U port|-T type -C code] interface src6 dst6 [srcmac [dstmac [data]]]


  -a              add a hop-by-hop header with router alert option.
  -q              add a hop-by-hop header with quickstart option.
  -E              send as ethertype IPv4
  -H t:l:v        add a hop-by-hop header with special content
  -D t:l:v        add a destination header with special content
  -D "xxx"        add a large destination header which fragments the packet
  -f              add a one-shot fragementation header
  -F ipv6address  use source routing to this final destination
  -t ttl          specify TTL (default: 255)
  -c class        specify a class (0-4095)
  -l label        specify a label (0-1048575)
  -d data_size    define the size of the ping data buffer
  -T number       ICMPv6 type to send (default: 128 = ping)
  -C number       ICMPv6 code to send (default: 0)
  -S port         use a TCP SYN packet on the defined port instead of ping
  -U port         use a UDP packet on the defined port instead of ping
  -n count        how often to send the packet (default: 1)
t:l:v syntax: type:length:value, value is in hex, e.g. 1:2:0eab
You can put an "x" into src6, srcmac and dstmac for an automatic value.

Craft a ICMPv6/TCP/UDP packet with special IPv6 or EH header options.
Returns -1 on error or no reply, 0 on normal reply or 1 on error reply.l


thcping6 interface source-ipv6 destination-ipv6

cyborg@cyborg:~$ thcping6 eth0 fe80::2e0:4cff:fe37:9364 fe80::2e0:4cff:fe37:c5ae
0000.0000           ping send  to  fe80::2e0:4cff:fe37:c5ae
0000.0003    _      pong received  from  fe80::2e0:4cff:fe37:c5ae

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