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We have done a hard labour to develop this penetration testing distro and also test it several times to check its robustness , however it is fairly possible that is still have bugs . We would like you to help us out tracking those bugs and fix it .


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You can send us bugs by simply filling up the contact form below or mail us at.
[email protected]


Wireless Firmware:

We have tried to include major wireless firmwares in cyborg hawk linux . But if dont find yours.
Here is what you can do :

  1. If it is a wireless card, check whether it is properly connected or not by lsusb or lspci command.

  2. Check the rfkill and also hardware switch.

  3. Check your wireless device firmware by ethtool -i wlan0 command

  4. Download the debian package of the firmware and install it.

  5. If still the problem not fixed. Contact us .



By default, Cyborg Linux is not UEFI enabled . To install Cyborg in UEFI systems. You need to switch UEFI/BIOS boot mode.To do this , first go to your BIOS setting then click on boot . Here, click on the UEFI/BIOS boot mode and select Legacy . After this , save and exit. You can also disable the secure boot for better support.


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