Installing via USB

To install cyborg hawk linux via usb , you have to download a software to make cyborg hawk usb installer.We suggest you to download Linux Live USB creator..



How to make USB Installer :


USB installer can be easily made by these following steps:.

    1. Insert an blank usb to a system, if not blank then format it.
    2. Open linux libe usb creator.
    3. Select your usb device from drop down list, listed in CHOOSE YOUR KEY option .
    4. Select ISO /IMG/ZIPoption and browse to the iso you have downloaded . this step is listed under CHOOSE YOUR SOURCE.
    5. Dont worry if linux live does not detect the type of iso . You can set the persistence and options value manually or Jump to CREATE option and click on lightening icon.
    6. Your USB is ready .



  1. Profile photo of LilLiv99
    LilLiv99 2 years ago

    Okay so I have downloaded the iso and used the program to create a bootable cyborg hawk jumpdrive. When I put it into my laptop and choose install it runs for a minute, but says that the display server keeps restarting. It tries again every two minutes with no luck. I found on your Facebook page a guide to fix it, but it did not. Any suggestions?

  2. Profile photo of Polo
    Polo 2 years ago

    I all
    I have tried to install on USB drive but nothing.

    With Lili persistant mode or select ubuntu 14.04

    Rufus too

    I can’t startup

  3. Profile photo of Polo
    Polo 2 years ago

    dd comand
    won’t launch too

  4. Profile photo of saket
    saket 2 years ago

    cannot start Xserver.

    the command startx returns with 1 or more errors.

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