Vinetto extracts the thumbnails and associated metadata from the Thumbs.db files.

Moreover [when vinetto will be 0.98 beta] it runs according to three modes:
  -> elementary mode : in this mode vinetto extracts thumbnails and metadata from a chosen Thumbs.db file.

-> directory mode : in this mode vinetto checks for consistency between the content of the directory and the related Thumbs.db file i.e. it will report the thumbnails that are not associated to a file into the directory.

-> filesystem mode : in this mode vi netto will process the whole FAT or NTFS partition.



vinetto [OPTIONS] [-s] [-U] [-o DIR] file


  --version   show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -o DIR      write thumbnails to DIR
  -H          write html report to DIR
  -U          use utf8 encodings
  -s          create symlink of the image realname to the numbered name in


cyborg@cyborg:$ vinetto -Ho  /mnt/sda1_removable/thumbs "/mnt/hda1/Program Files/Microsoft Office Old/Office/Bitmaps/Dbwiz/Thumbs.db"

 ** Warning: Cannot find "Image" module.
             Vi netto will only extract Type 2 thumbnails.

 Root Entry modify timestamp : Tue Apr  4 02:15:03 2006


 0001   Mon Mar 22 01:00:00 1999   ORDPROC.GIF
 0002   Mon Mar 22 01:00:00 1999   ASSETS.GIF
 0003   Mon Mar 22 01:00:00 1999   CONTACTS.GIF
 0004   Mon Mar 22 01:00:00 1999   EVTMGMT.GIF
 0005   Mon Mar 22 01:00:00 1999   EXPENSES.GIF
 0006   Mon Mar 22 01:00:00 1999   INVENTRY.GIF
 0007   Mon Mar 22 01:00:00 1999   LEDGER.GIF


7 Type 2 thumbnails extracted to /mnt/sda1_removable/thumbs/

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